Accessorizing the sunshine
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Accessorizing the sunshine - one pair of sunglass chains at a time. 

bcnbeads was created in 2014 in Barcelona, during my Master's Degree studies at ESADE Business School out of a clear necessity: no longer lose your sunglasses!

Barcelona is famous for great day parties and these continuing into the night. But this naturally resulted in the loss of multiple sunglasses by our group of friends- we needed a solution! After looking for cool sunglass chains and failing miserably- the idea of bcnbeads was born! 

All bcnbeads sunglass chains are handmade,with extreme care and quality- and provide you with a cool and unique solution and look. They travel with me, and have been made in various cities across the world, which is also why they are shipped worldwide! 

Inspired by the world around us they combine design, creativity and practicality. The parts of bcnbeads are sourced globally, and they are always limited, allowing for a certain uniqueness of each design, and with a personal feel.

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